Friday, June 2, 2017

Devils Head Lookout- Pike National Forest

This was a lonely drive out to the Trailhead. I would recommend carpooling by meeting in the town of Sedalia. The road the last 35 minutes is washboard and slow. There are lots of camping sites and other trailheads that dirt bikes use. There is a restroom an picnic table here at the trailhead. The trail is 2.8 miles round trip with elevation gain of 940'.

This is one of the few remaining fire lookout left in Colorado. A 79 year old ranger still oversees the tower in the summer months. Here is an article from the Denver Post:
The trail begins with junipers and super tall Aspen trees as you climb the moderate trail.
I found it helpful to bring a hiking pole for the way up.

Once you make it to the tower- its 143 steps to the top.

The 360 views of mountains upon mountains are beautiful and reward for the climb.

Pikes Peak was still covered in snow at the beginning of June.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Staunton State Park- New Trail opens

We took another trip to Staunton State Park because we heard about the new trails they have been creating and improving.  This was a not too hot day to go as some of the park is exposed to sun without alot of tree cover.
Last time we hiked through, most of the Staunton Ranch trail (shortest to get to the waterfall) was mostly gravel road. Since then they have constructed new a new trail through the trees to keep you off the road. Part is still the road toward the end. Here you can see the road section.

They have also added some restrooms along this trail- 2 in addition to the one at the start. 

Approaching Elks Pond from Bugling Elk Trail.

Another  view of the Pond.

We like to sit here and have lunch. This time we saw a Marmot sunning himself on a rock.


The Lion'sBack Trail up to the overlook is a bit steep. The views are worth it when you get to the top. Below you can see views of neighboring mountains and the falls far away.

The Total miles were about 11 to get to the overlook . I highly recommend the Marmot Passage on the way back.