Friday, August 25, 2017

Pawnee Pass, Isabelle Lake- Indian Peaks Wilderness

This was a perfect time of year to do this hike. The snow was beautiful but not too much. We started out with the crowds. Most people hike to Isabelle Lake but stop there. Our plan was to head further up the Pawnee pass trail split.
There were two ways to go around Isabelle lake. We went one side on the way out and tried the west side on the way back. (much more muddy)

This hike gives a decent amount of elevation. We were training for our trip to Europe. If you make it to the Pass total miles are 9.1  +2026 elevation gain.

There was a waterfall running through the trail. I think I put on my spikes one time to cross a snowpass.

One of the several snowpasses.

Here is Isabelle Lake. It was a bit crowded around the lake. We headed up further to the trail to Pawnee Pass.

The waterfall further up.

There were a few crossings.

Here are a few views of Isabelle Lake as we climbed higher.

This was my favorite pic as we got higher and higher. We decided to stop at the overlook-definitely worth the climb up. You can go further up to Pawnee Pass. I want to next year!!